Why the United States is losing its edge in cyber security, according to the U.S. Chamber

The United States has lost its advantage in cyber-security in recent years, according a new study by the U,S.


The study found that the United Kingdom and Israel are the two leading countries in cyber attacks and espionage, and it said the United Nations needs to step up its response to the growing threat.

The report, titled “Cybersecurity: America’s Security in the 21st Century,” was commissioned by the Chamber, which is a leading lobby for the U to make cybersecurity its top priority.

The chamber, which has long been a supporter of stronger cyber policies, said it found no evidence that U.K. or Israeli governments have developed stronger security practices in the last five years.

In 2015, the U.,S.

and Israel were ranked as the top three countries with the most advanced cyber defenses.

The U.N. Security Council passed a resolution last year reaffirming its support for the cyber-defense goals of the Council and calling for greater cooperation between the three countries to combat the growing threats.

However, the resolution also included language calling for a strong global effort to coordinate cyber efforts, such as the Global Alliance on Cybersecurity and Cooperation.

The United Kingdom, Israel and China also make up the top five countries for cyber-attacks and espionage with the U.’s military, the report said. ___