Why do some farmers say it’s too hot?

It’s hot.

It’s cold.

It can’t get any hotter.

The heat has gone.

But the cold, the lack of air, is still there.

There is still no heat.

The first step to improving the health of farmers is to understand the causes of heat and the health problems associated with it.

It is time for us to learn the lessons of past generations. 

It’s time to learn how we can protect our children from heat-related illness, and to ensure that farmers can grow healthy food and provide a safe environment. 

In the 1990s, the National Farmers Union (NFU) launched a campaign to educate farmers about heat and humidity and to promote healthier farming practices.

The campaign has been a success, with the number of farmers who now understand the health risks of heat rising. 

Today, NFU farmers have the power to ensure the health and safety of their farmers and their families.

They can be part of a collaborative effort to protect their families and the environment from heat. 

The NFU is also encouraging farmers to use sustainable farming practices, such as using drought-tolerant crops and composting to help mitigate the impacts of heat.

The NFI is proud to be working with other organisations to promote the use of heat-tolerance crops and to protect farmers from heat stress and illness. 

We believe that a warmer and healthier world will make a better world. 

For more information, please visit: www.fna.org.uk/farm-health