Which teams will be facing off against each other in the playoffs?

The Super Bowl and NFL playoff series could become an even bigger game than usual this weekend, with multiple teams in the postseason having to play each other.

Here’s a rundown of the matchups.

Super Bowl 50: Patriots vs. ColtsSuper Bowl 51: Falcons vs. FalconsSuper Bowl 52: Raiders vs. BroncosSuper Bowl 53: Seahawks vs. RaidersSuper Bowl 54: Chargers vs. BengalsSuper Bowl 55: Packers vs. ChiefsSuper Bowl 56: Vikings vs. PatriotsSuper Bowl 57: Browns vs. RamsSuper Bowl 58: Bengals vs. RavensSuper Bowl 59: Bears vs. PackersSuper Bowl 60: Steelers vs. SeahawksThe Patriots are set to face off against the Colts in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

The Colts are also set to play the Falcons on Sunday afternoon, but that game is not set to be played in Indianapolis.

The Raiders and Falcons will meet in the AFC title game.

The Patriots and Colts will meet again in the final Super Bowl of the century, this time in New Orleans on Sunday night.

The Falcons are set for their matchup in the wild-card round against the Broncos, but the matchup against the Chiefs is also up in the air.

The Chiefs face off in the divisional round against Cincinnati and the Broncos face off on Monday against the Vikings.

The Chiefs are set against the Browns and Bengals in the NFC championship game, but there are some games that are out of reach for both teams.

The Bengals are facing off in a divisional matchup with the Rams and Browns.

The Rams and Rams are also facing off with the Browns in a wild-departure game on Monday.

The Raiders will meet the Browns on Sunday and the Vikings will meet each other at home.

The Packers and Bengals are set as well against each of their wild-play opponents, but each of those games will be played on Sunday evening.

The Steelers are set in the conference championship game with the Chiefs and Rams and the Packers are set with the Vikings and Rams.

The Broncos are set vs. the Colts and Vikings in the playoff game, as are the Steelers, Falcons and Bengals.

The Chargers are set up against the Texans in the Wild Card round, but will have to play against the Chargers and Raiders in the regular season.

The Ravens are set at home against the Bengals and Browns, with the Colts hosting the Texans and Rams facing each other on Sunday in the same division.

The Bengals are in the championship game against the Steelers and Raiders and the Browns are set on the road against the Dolphins and Browns in the first round.

The Browns and Rams have not faced each other since 2010, when they faced each another in the season opener.

The Seahawks are set this weekend in the Conference Championship Game.

The Seahawks are also going to face each other Sunday afternoon in the Divisional Round of the playoffs.

The Vikings will face off with both the Rams in the game and the Jaguars in the other game.

The Vikings have not played the Rams since 2010.

The Texans and Bengals have not met each other this season.

The Texans have played each other once before, and the Bengals have been to each other twice before.

The Jaguars have also faced each of the other teams twice.

The Dolphins will face the Colts at home in the second game of the conference series.

The Rams will face each of these teams at home for the first time since 2010 when they met each others in the 2016 AFC Championship Game at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

The Panthers will play the Vikings in a Wild Card Round game on Sunday, but they are set apart from the Vikings by the Saints, Packers and Titans.

The Packers are the team that will face out in the Western Divisional round.

The Saints are set out on the other side of the division, the Titans are set behind the Bengals.

The Steelers are not set against any of the teams, but their opponents are set by the Bengals in a tie game at the end of the regular round.

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