When Tomatoes are killed, they’re processed in a factory

A new plant that processes tomatoes and other fruits will be in operation in Texas, but the plant’s production will be dependent on imported fruit from Japan.

Tomatoes and other vegetables grown in Texas are already imported from Japan, which has been in the United States since 1945.

The plant’s new operator, Jiro Corp., said on Wednesday that the plant will be producing tomatoes and onions that are not normally processed at the same plant.

It said that the company plans to import fresh tomatoes and green beans from Japan for the tomatoes and red peppers that it will use in the plant.

Jiro’s tomato processing plant has been operating since December and produces more than 10 million pounds of tomatoes a year.

It produces about 5 million pounds a year of onions, about 1.4 million pounds for the green beans and about 600,000 pounds of beans, which are processed into bread, sausage, chili, salad and pasta.

Jirai Saitou, a Japanese company that supplies tomatoes, said that it plans to buy the Texas plant, which will be called Jiro Tomato Processing and Distribution Center.

Jirei Foods, which is the parent company of Jiro, said on its website that it is developing a plant in Texas that can process and package tomatoes and produce more than 2 million pounds per year.

The company said that about 1 million pounds is imported daily from Japan and about 300,000 is produced locally.