What’s in your trash?

A landfill company is facing an ethics complaint after it sold raw materials used in some of its food products to a supplier in Canada.

The complaint, filed by a company that manufactures recycled paper, alleges the landfill company violated a federal ban on the export of materials that are used to manufacture food and other goods, according to a press release from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The company said it is considering a possible settlement with the agency.

The lawsuit was filed by the American Society for Food Preservation, which represents recyclers in the U, and the Ulysses S. Grant Foundation.

The association filed the complaint Wednesday in U.K. District Court.

In response to the complaint, the company said the landfill industry is “the most environmentally sustainable and socially responsible industry in the United States.”

“The landfill industry’s reputation is well-earned, and we intend to take this to the courts to make sure our products are protected and that the environment is protected,” the company wrote in the press release.

“This industry has shown itself to be an innovative industry that creates jobs, improves public health and provides a safe, affordable alternative to the landfill.”

The lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages, also seeks injunctive relief and unspecified punitive and exemplary damages.

The landfill industry does not make the products or use them, and there are no specific requirements for the product or use, the agency said in the release.

The Associated Press first reported the lawsuit.