What Apple’s beefed up Macs are up to

Apple has confirmed to Business Insider that its Macs and iPhones have been beefed-up to handle the demand for the Cupertino company’s new Mac line.

According to Apple, the new iPhones and Macs have been “baked into the wall.”

In fact, they’re now “wrapped in the wall” for the first time.

Apple has also said that it’s also beefing up the Macs to handle more demanding tasks, such as handling data, or “pushing the limits of what a Mac can handle.”

Apple says it’s currently shipping about a dozen of its new Macs each week to “specialized users” who have a high need for a Mac, such “companies and organizations that use high-performance computers to handle complex applications.”

It’s also expanding the availability of the Mac Pro to customers who need to take the computer to work.

The new Mac is “a powerful, scalable machine for demanding, high-speed data analytics,” Apple says.

“Its processor, graphics and RAM are built to handle everything a modern Mac needs to do.”

The new iPhone and iPad models are expected to arrive in March, followed by a “new iPhone in the next couple of weeks” and an iPad with the next generation of Touch Bar.