The world’s top 10 richest people according to Forbes

Forbes magazine has ranked the world’s richest people, with Forbes ranking them on their ability to spend.

The magazine said in its annual ranking that Mr Trump’s net worth is $12.7 billion.

His rival, Mr Putin, is ranked at $2.6 billion.

Mr Trump was not on the list, although the publication did include him in its top ten, citing his efforts to promote US-Russia ties.

It said the billionaire real estate mogul and his wife Melania are the “most famous couple in the world”.

Mr Trump and Ms Trump are worth $2 billion and $1.9 billion respectively, the magazine said.

Their wealth is dwarfed by the combined fortunes of the top three US billionaires, Warren Buffett, Sheldon Adelson and Carlos Slim.

They have each amassed $22.4 billion in wealth.

Mr Putin and his partner Maria Zakharova have each raised $2,500 million.

Mr Buffett, who founded Berkshire Hathaway, is estimated to have an estimated net worth of $8.8 billion.

His partner, Mr Adelson, is said to have $4.6 trillion.

Both Mr Trump and Mr Putin have been criticised for their behaviour in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election.

Mr Adelson has said the US was “totally screwed” by Mr Trump, whose win triggered a political crisis.

“He should not be allowed to become the 45th president of the United States.

He has made a huge error,” Mr Adelstein told CNBC.”

It’s a colossal mistake,” Mr Trump said of the US election.”

The election was a total disaster for the United Kingdom and it’s a huge disaster for this country.”

Mr Trump, who made his fortune through real estate and casino casinos, said the election results were “truly terrible”.

“It is really a terrible thing to have happened to this country.

But it’s not fair to any of us,” he said.”

We’ve seen the other side of the coin.

The other side is that this is a rigged election.”

Mr Putin is a former KGB spy and former head of the Russian intelligence service.

He has also been accused of meddling in the 2016 US election, but he denied the allegations and called the claims “lies and fabrications”.

Mr Putin has denied any interference in the election and said he does not support the current US administration.

Mr Tillerson has been in the job since Mr Trump was sworn in.

Mr President said Mr Tillerson is “one of the great experts in our country”.

“He has a tremendous expertise,” Mr President said.