‘The World Cup is about to begin’: Football Italian


“We’ve had a very good week.

I was thinking we’ll win tomorrow, but we haven’t.

The result is not a success.

The World Cup starts tomorrow.”2.

“I don’t want to be a critic.

I’m proud of my players.

They’ve done a good job.”3.

“In terms of the players, they have shown they can play a long and tough game.”4.

“It’s a new season.

We don’t know what we’ll face tomorrow, or how we’ll perform.

I can’t imagine playing at the same level as last year, but I’m sure the team will have a great performance.”5.

“Today is a day for celebration, not reflection.”6.

“You have to be patient with the game, because the teams have been preparing this year for a long time.

The players will work hard and keep on working.”7.

“As I said before, we’ve got a great chance of winning the World Cup.”8.

“If I were to be in charge tomorrow, I would have my team prepare the best possible team.

I wouldn’t be too worried about the result.”9.

“The players have to concentrate.

The work they’re doing now is going to be the reason we will win tomorrow.”10.

“They are working with all the attributes that make a team great, and they will get better with time.”11.

“Football is the most beautiful sport on earth, and we can all be part of it.”12.

“When the team is good, we are good, and when they are not, we can’t be.”13.

“With this squad, we know we have a good chance to win.

It’s just a matter of time before we do.”14.

“This is a great squad with a lot of talent.

It is going nowhere.

This is the squad I want to see win the World Series.”15.

“Our players are all working hard.

They have a strong work ethic and I’m happy for them.”16.

“Everything is going very well, but the team needs time.

We need to work hard, not just on the pitch, but also in the mental side.”17.

“Every team in the world has the same goal, but for us, it is to win the Champions League.”18.

“To win the League, we need to do everything we can.

The same goes for the Europa League.”19.

“Tomorrow, we have to perform better, but it is possible.

We can win tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a good day for everyone.”20.

“Even with a bad result, the players have shown a lot.

We have to give everything.

Today is a very special day, but tomorrow is the day to win.”