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Posted November 10, 2018 05:16:16The world’s biggest fish company, Shell, has announced plans to build its first production facility in Singapore. 

Shell plans to operate out of the island’s largest marine park, the Sabah Aquaculture Park, which sits off the eastern edge of the city.

The facility will be the company’s largest, with the capacity to produce more than 2 million tonnes of fish a year.

Shell says it has been working with Sabah Park and its residents to develop a fish-processing facility in the park, and that the company hopes to have the facility ready for production by 2020.

The Sabah park has a capacity for fish to be processed at a rate of 10,000 tonnes a day. 

It is estimated that the Saba Marine Park is the world’s largest seafood processing and shipping facility, producing around one-third of the worlds seafood imports. 

In 2016, the company said it had signed a lease for a second facility, which will provide up to 1.5 million tonnes a year of fish. 

The facility is being developed by Saba Park Management, which was established by the government in December 2015. 

As well as being an important industrial site for the industry, Saba Aquacultural Park also provides a safe haven for fishermen and provides an ecosystem for marine life. 

A spokesman for the Singapore Tourism and Culture Authority told IGN that the park will be used to process and ship seafood destined for restaurants and bars. 

“The park will provide a sanctuary for the fishermen and a safe environment for the marine life, which in turn will provide more jobs and economic growth for the community,” the spokesman said.