Sankaran Kalyanakar’s new venture ‘Parega’ will not be able to compete with the likes of Flipkart and Amazon, says Kalyana

Kalyanas Sankar Kalyans Parega is a seed processing facility that has been given permission to process and sell fresh organic seeds.

The seed-processing plant was set up by Kalyas Kalyananakar at Nandanam and has been allowed to produce seed pods and seedling seedlings.

It is one of the few seed processing plants in the country to have its own seed storage facility.

“We have the capacity to process over 100,000 kg of seed every month, which is more than what we can get from the existing seed-distribution company.

The demand for seeds is increasing as we are getting more and more seedlings produced every year,” Kalyannakar told The Hindu.

“Currently, the company is doing the same thing we have been doing for the last 10 years: we distribute seeds and they go to other seed-pioneers, but we have to get the seed to the plant and we cannot do it through a seed-selling company,” he said.

Kalyani is the founder of Sankars Seed Processing Company and has taken over as CEO from Kalyena Vimal.

The Sankarin Kalyanicam plant is expected to produce more than 10,000 tonnes of seed each month.

Killya’s new seed-farming venture will also be able produce fresh organic seed and grow more than 1 lakh plants.

“It is a very promising seed-production company.

We will have a lot of opportunities in the seed-field as well as in the field of seed-culture,” said Kalyanna.

Kulyana, the founder and managing director of the company, said it will be easy to set up and run a seed company.

“There is a big demand for organic seeds and there are people who want to produce the same,” he added.

Kilyanna said it would be easier to raise seed-taxes, get licenses for seed-storage facilities and sell seed in bulk to local people.

“The local people are not allowed to import seed from outside, which we will have to do,” he claimed.

The plant will be set up with a seed collection centre and seed storage, as well a seed storage and marketing facility.

Karyannakaran is one among the founders of Kalynanal Agro Corporation.

He has started seed-farm development company Kalya Seeds in 2017.

Klyanna said the company has invested around Rs 50 crore in seed-planting and seed-growing machinery, and has invested in seed collection and seed production machinery.

He also added that the company was considering setting up a seed breeding and breeding farm in Tamil Nadu.

The company has about 15 acres of land in Nandanamsagar in Tamilam and Nandanamasala in Tiruvallur.

Klynas Seed Processing Co Ltd has been set up to supply seed-seedlings to the seed farmers and seed manufacturers.

The Paregas Seed Company is set up as a seed bank and is looking to acquire more seed varieties.