Plant process benefits plant, benefits farmers

NEW YORK — The new plant process that helps plant roots become more efficient, healthier and produce more fruits and vegetables has received a green light from the Food and Drug Administration, as well as a boost from a small company.

The plant process allows plants to be grown in an enclosed, sterile, indoor environment, without any pesticides, pathogens or fertilizers, according to the new application from Syngenta’s plant sciences division, which is based in Vienna, Austria.

Syngenta is a U.S.-based biotech firm that is also part of the Bayer group of companies that makes the Bayer CropScience® and Monsanto Co. CropLife™ seeds and the Syngentas GM crop seed.

It was one of several companies vying for a $3 billion contract to develop the new process.

Syndicated columnist Paul Singer has covered food, technology and farming for The New York Times.

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