How to prevent ‘sporadic’ explosions at plants using waste processing chemicals

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has banned all coal plants that use waste chemicals and other materials to extract oil and gas from oil sands in the country’s West.

The move comes after a series of explosions that have sickened dozens of people and left dozens of others hospitalized.

The blasts happened on April 14 at a refinery near Fort McMurray, Alta.

The U to use the chemical borax and a combination of chemicals called methanol, methanite and nitric acid to extract petroleum and natural gas.

It was the first time in years that the EPA allowed such a sweeping ban on industrial waste chemicals.

The agency said the chemicals were used in processing coal, cement, wood, steel and other raw materials to produce products like cement, paper and lumber.

The ban applies to the entire U. S. West.

More: — EPA (@EPA) April 17, 2019 The ban covers all of the nation’s oil and natural-gas production facilities, including mines, mines and refineries.

It also applies to oil sands, which have been mined for more than a century.

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