How to fill the hockey job gap at a plywood factory in St. Catharines

A new plant in St Catharine, Ont., is bringing jobs to the area and it is also helping the local economy.

The St Cathars, Ont.-based Plywood Processing Plant in the town of Laval has been operating since 1993.

The facility, which employs about 700 people, has been looking for new ways to grow and hire.

Its co-founder, Doug Bagnall, is looking to expand.

“I’ve been looking at ways to expand and expand our operations.

I wanted to do something with this plant that I think would really enhance our overall capabilities and our capability to compete with what’s out there,” he said.

Doug Bagnal says his new plant is an example of how new business models can help grow a business.

“It’s been a lot of fun to be involved in this project, it’s been really good, it has been very productive and it’s created opportunities for people that otherwise would not have gotten involved with the business,” he added.

The St Cathares plant, which has been in operation since 1994, has had several expansions since its inception, including the opening of the second floor of the building in 2013.

“We are really excited to be here, we have an awesome facility, the people here are amazing, and I really think we are going to be able to help the community grow,” he told reporters.

The new plant has the capacity to produce up to 500 tonnes of plywood a day, with a minimum production of 40 tonnes a day.

The building has also been renovated, and is home to a full-service restaurant, a bakery and a butcher shop.

Doug said he hopes to bring more jobs and new investment to the town.

“This has really been a huge job creation opportunity,” he explained.

“With our facility, we can be competitive with what is out there and the community is really excited about that, that’s really what we’re looking for.”