How to create a new home for your home server

As a long-time home server user, I’m constantly impressed with the simplicity of how your system behaves in a virtual environment.

While I’ve seen many new features introduced to the Windows 10 desktop and some even improved, Windows Server 2016 is still missing one feature that makes a huge difference for me.

I’ve been using my desktop as my primary home server for about 15 years, but it wasn’t until recently that I began to realize that the Windows Server desktop had a lot of room for improvement.

I was always happy to see improvements made to the desktop in Windows Server 2012 R2.

There were new desktop layouts, new UI styles, and new UI themes that helped make the experience of using Windows Server more consistent.

In fact, I still remember when I first started to use Windows Server in 2012 and was really impressed with how the new design of the desktop was.

I think the biggest problem for me was that I couldn’t really use the desktop on a laptop. I couldn