How a $3.6 billion plant that made Avocados will pay for itself

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The acquisition will combine the facilities that make Avocades and the chemical processing plant that processes them.

Avocados are the most widely grown fruit in the world, but they are also among the most expensive.

They have high fruit prices and are often imported to the United States and other countries for sale.

The new plant, which will create nearly 20,000 new jobs in the United Kingdom, will produce approximately 20 tons of avocado a day.

That’s a lot of fruit, and the factory will produce and pack the fruit at a cost of about $1.75 per ton.

The plant is expected to produce a whopping 6,500 tons of avocados a year.

Avocadians in the U.K. who want to produce their own produce can do so through the British Avocado Producers Group, which is part of the United Fruit Group.

The group has a small number of plants in the country.

The deal is expected not only to create thousands of jobs but also to create billions of pounds in economic activity.

The company is already investing more than $2 billion in a plant in Spain that it hopes to complete by 2020.