Houston’s largest nickel processing plant dies, leaving millions of tons of raw ore untouched

HAWAII — Huge chunks of gold ore fell from a Texas processing plant this week, leaving thousands of tons untouched in a huge loss of material.

The state Department of Conservation announced Thursday that the state’s Papaya Processing Plant in Pasadena had shut down for good after more than a decade of operation.

It was the third shutdown for the facility in three years, according to the department.

The shutdown came about a month after the state said it was shutting down two other gold mining operations in Texas.

The state has said it is looking into the possibility of relocating the gold mines in the Rio Grande Valley, which lies near where the Papaya plant is located.

The Rio Grande River, which flows through the Rio Sonora, has been one of the country’s most significant rivers for gold mining in recent years.

The gold is shipped to Asian buyers and then processed.

The company that owns the facility has said that it has been working to improve safety and that it’s trying to get better quality control at the plant.

The company said it would reopen after a new owner was found to be in a better position to handle the plant’s operations.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.