‘Furious’ veal buyer who sent beef to UK is ‘on the run’

A veal processor in Ireland who sent his cattle to slaughter in the UK is “on the move” after police tracked him to a London warehouse.

The beef, which is a staple in the diet of some European countries, was sent to London in February from the UK and sold at the Burtons Meat Market, a meat market in the city’s Southwark district.

“We don’t know what happened with the cattle but we are extremely concerned about what has happened to the customer and his family,” said Paul McNeill, managing director of the Burchons Meat Markets.

“The company is fully co-operating with police and is investigating the matter thoroughly.”

In a statement, Burchards said the company was “completely shocked” to learn of the incident and “condemns any suggestion that this has been an act of terrorism”.

“We are committed to working closely with our partners in Ireland and UK authorities to support our customers in their investigation,” it added.

“Burchards Meat Market has been in business for over 50 years and has been the source of products to many of our customers, who include many British people.”

A spokeswoman for the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said: “The safety of the public is our top priority.

Any information that is passed on to the police will be thoroughly investigated.”