China’s Kaolin processing plants hit with pollution allegations

A total of 704 Chinese companies have been accused of using Kaolin in manufacturing processes in India, raising concerns about the safety of the chemical.

The Union ministry of external affairs has said it has received a total of 8,000 complaints of pollution from Chinese companies on Kaolin, but the number is expected to rise in the coming weeks as more of them are identified.

It has also asked all the affected companies to come forward and provide detailed information.

The ministry of environment, forests and climate change said it received 1,769 complaints from China, including 1,946 complaints of the manufacture of goods, including foodstuffs, cosmetics, toys, medicines, cosmetics products, chemicals, fertilisers and paper.

In addition, 5,890 complaints of contamination were received by the ministry, including 6,874 of the use of Kaolin products in manufacturing process.