Alumina processed plants will be commissioned by 2020

ALUMINA PASTURE, N.Y. — Alumina Process Plant Commissioning, an industry body representing the processing plants industry, announced Wednesday it would award its first two contracts to Alumino, a major U.S. producer of specialty aluminum, to begin processing aluminum from 2020.

Aluminium processing, which includes processing aluminum ore in the United States, has become an important manufacturing and export business for Aluminos operations and will be one of the largest industrial projects to be funded by the Clean Energy Investment and Development Authority.

The industry body’s board is expected to make a recommendation to the state’s attorney general’s office on the commissioning contract awarded to Alumsinum in October.

For the aluminum processing, Aluminum will bid $3.7 billion, the company said.

The bid is nearly twice as much as the $2.2 billion Alumos bid in the process of winning the previous contract awarded by the state.

While the bid is expected for Alumsino to win a contract, it is not clear when that contract might be awarded, or if Alumines future production will begin after 2020.

Alumsinos chief executive, Bill Schindler, said Aluminas new aluminum production could begin as early as 2019.

“The aluminum industry is in a boom period,” Schindlers office said in a statement.

“With the investment in new factories and equipment and the expansion of our business, we are well on our way to producing a significant amount of aluminum.”

Alumino has an agreement with the state of New York to begin the process in 2019, said David Wahl, Alumsine’s director of federal affairs.

Alumine is currently under contract to the city of Albany for the process.

The state also is working with Alumins processing plant in New Hampshire to develop a new aluminum processing plant.

The Albany facility, which has been in operation since 2009, will process up to 300,000 tons of aluminum per day, according to Almsinum.

The state of NH is expected, as well, to have a processing facility in place for the plant by 2022, Wahl said.