A New York City chemical plant has an entire family of chemical-laced cows

A New Orleans plant that makes chemicals for the oil and gas industry has one of the most extensive, diverse families of cows in the U.S.

A couple of years ago, a New Orleans City Council committee began considering whether to shut down the chemical plant that supplies the city with the chemicals that are used to process oil and natural gas.

The city’s mayor, LaToya Cantrell, told the city’s newspaper the New Orleans Advocate that the city will not let it go unless the plant is shut down.

In a letter sent to the city on March 3, Cantrell asked the Environmental Protection Agency to look into the plant’s operation.

“If the proposed closure will result in the termination of a family of animals, the EPA would take action on the proposed action,” the letter stated.

The letter noted that “no animal will be harmed,” adding, “We will be able to provide veterinary care to all animals.”

It also mentioned the plant and said that a number of the animals have health issues, including a mother with diabetes, and “a father with a medical condition.”

The letter said that “the EPA is currently evaluating the plant” and that if there is “an appropriate remedy to be provided” to address the plant, the plant will be shut down “at the earliest opportunity.”

The council, along with some of the citys health department and other officials, were in support of the plant.

In April, Cantriles office said that the plant had been in “constant operation for more than a decade.”

But in an interview with The Washington Post in May, the council said that it had no evidence that the plants safety had been compromised by its ongoing operation.

The council’s letter said the plant “has been responsible for millions of gallons of oil and water that flow through our rivers, lakes, streams and aquifers.”

The plant’s owners, the New Landes, are members of the National Association of Manufacturers and the American Petroleum Institute.

They own more than 90% of the chemical company, American Chemical Corp., which makes the chemicals used in the production of petrochemicals, including ethylene oxide and methylene chloride.

The plant, located near the Mississippi River, was also used to produce ethylene and ethylene-containing gasoline.

According to the EPA’s website, the chemicals it uses include chlorinated and chloroform, among others.