A New York City-based company makes a sweet tooth candy that’s as sweet as you’d like it

A company called “Honey Bee” has come up with a sweet candy that is almost as sweet, but that can also be made from less sugar.

Honey bee, which is based in the United Kingdom, has been making its sweet tooth candies since 2014.

The company has created a line called “The Sweet Bee,” which uses a blend of natural honey, sugar and cocoa butter to produce the most delicious, chewy treats.

Holly Dye-Voak, a spokesperson for Honey Bee, told Engadge that the company is working on developing a more refined version of its sweet chocolate, which would be more sweet and easier to make.

She said that the sweet tooth is still a key part of the product’s appeal.

“If you want to get into the sweet candy business, it’s going to take you a little bit further,” Dye said.

The company has already launched a new line of its Honey Bee candy, which includes more natural honey and cocoa.

Dye said the sweet chocolate has a sweet, slightly salty taste, but she added that it’s also “really tasty.”

Honey bees have been known to produce sweeter products than most other honey bee species, but their sweeter qualities have been overshadowed by other honey bees.